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Stanley Milgram's research and ideas have had wide impact on contemporary culture and thought.  This section is devoted to one facet of that impact—the large number of books, spanning a broad array of topics and disciplines, in which his work is found.

Here you will find a listing of Milgram-related books, sometimes accompanied by my brief description or comment.  Each book is linked to its page on to facilitate ordering it, should you be interested, and where you will typically find additional information about the book.  Within each section, the books are generally listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent ones.

The listing is organized as follows:

  1. Books written by Milgram himself
  2. Books by others devoted entirely to Milgram and his research
  3. Books in which Milgram's ideas play a role, with varying degrees of significance. This section is subdivided into the following topics:  a. Obedience to authority; b. The small-world problem ("six degrees of separation"), and c. Urban stimulus overload.
    1. Obedience to authority
      1. Books which devote at least a chapter or equivalent to the topic
      2. Potpourri:  An improbable diversity of books, capturing the wide-ranging impact of Milgram’s obedience studies on contemporary culture and thought
      3. Holocaust and human destructiveness
      4. Ethics
    2. The small-world problem ("Six degrees of separation")
    3. Urban stimulus overload
  4. Books on persuasion

    Obedience is one of several forms of persuasion and social influence.  Here I provide titles of books on this topic—most of them meant for a broad audience and written by experts in the field.

  5. Social psychology textbooks

    Milgram was a social psychologist, as I am.  For those who might be interested in learning more broadly about this field of study, I provide a list of excellent textbooks.




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