The groundbreaking biography of Stanley Milgram, "The Man who Shocked the World:  The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram" by Thomas Blass.  Published by Basic Books.



Praise for the biography:

"Blass's intimate biography of Stanley Milgram is a tour de force.  We come to understand the reasoning behind his classic obedience research as well as many of his other vital contributions.  And we get to know the man behind the legend in a more personal and informed way.  This is a biography destined to become a classic reading on psychology and its contributions to probing the nature of the social animal."

-- Philip G. Zimbardo, Stanford University, author of Shyness, and past president, American Psychological Association


"A sparkling biography of Stanley Milgram, one of the most brilliant, playful and controversial social scientists ever.  I was truly moved by this book--by its affection for its subject, and by the way it brings Milgram to life in technicolor vividness.  Some parts are poignant, some are intellectually riveting, and some are just laugh-out-loud funny."

-- Steven Strogatz, author of Sync, and Professor of Applied Mathematics, Cornell University


"With literary flair reminiscent of Milgram himself, Blass marries scholarship and journalism in his intimate portrayal of the man and his creative man.  This is a major work that will help define and preserve the Milgram legacy."

-- David G. Myers, Hope College, author of Social Psychology


"A wonderful, entertaining and demystifying portrait of the father of six degrees and small worlds.  Milgram, without doubt the most influential social psychologist of the last century, fully deserves this great interpretive biography."

-- Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, author of Linked, Professor of Physics, University of Notre Dame