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Social Psychology Network, the largest database on the internet about social psychology. It contains over 11.000 links relevant to psychology.
The Stanford Prison Experiment, the famous prison simulation conducted by Professor Philip Zimbardo and students in 1971. This website presents a detailed day-by-day chronicle of that study in "slide show" format.
Home page of Professor Alan C. Elms, who was Milgram's first research assistant, helping him with the obedience experiments in the summer of 1961. This site contains a Virtual Library of many of Dr Elms's writings. Some provide an insider's perspective on the obedience research. Others are about psychobiography, a specialty area Dr Elms has pursued, and has come to be identified with, for much of his professional career.
The website of the Stanley Milgram Club of Russia--the only one of its kind. Created as a tribute to Milgram by two university students in Moscow , it also has photographs taken at a conference held at Moscow Pedagogical University in December, 2004, marking the 20th anniversary of Milgram's death.
Psychology Matters, a website of the American psychological Association. It contains a large number of short articles, written by experts in their fields, demonstrating the practical applications of psychological research to everyday life.




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